Ústav pro českou literaturu AV ČR Institute of Czech literature of the CAS
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Department of 20th Century and Contemporary Literature

The basic task of this department is to undertake comprehensive research on the history of Czech literature and theatre from the end of the First World War to the present.

After department chair Pavel Janoušek won the Praemium Academiae in 2019, activities of the department were organised into three interrelated working groups:

1) one team, conducting research on 20th century literature within the auspices of interdisciplinary project Art–Gesture–Argument, focuses on the relationship between poetics and politics in interwar culture and art;

2) another team conducts research on contemporary (post-1989) literary history;

3) and a third team, which conducts research on modern Czech theatre, focuses mainly on the relationship between theatre and the dramatic text.

The aim of the department is to create individual and, above all, collective publications, which serve not only to lay out the essential facts and interpretive analysis of a particular issue, and map out its specific historical forms, but also to invite contemporary Czech and foreign thinkers to participate in an active discussion on literature and theatre. Department members are directly involved in co-creating the image of Czech culture, and in the formation of national memory, as well as taking part in its critical self-reflection.

The department under its current title was founded in May 2010, but in direct connection with previous research in its field. Its history thus dates back to 1990, when the Department of Contemporary Literature was newly established under the leadership of Pavel Janoušek, whose first task was to map post-war literature.

PhDr. Lucie Antošíková, Ph.D.
543 211 868
doc. PhDr. Zuzana Augustová, Ph.D.
222 828 204
MMag. Dr. Marie Brunová
222 828 142
MgA. Barbora Čiháková
MgA. Barbora Čiháková
222 828 142
Mgr. Ing.  Petr Hruška, Ph.D.
543 211 868
prof. PhDr. Pavel Janoušek, DSc.
222 828 151
PhDr. Lenka Jungmannová, Ph.D.
222 828 146
Mgr. Tomáš Kubart, Ph.D.
222 828 142
Mgr. Klára Kudlová, Ph.D.
222 828 204
Mgr. Marek Lollok, Ph.D.
Mgr. Martin Lukáš, Ph.D.
222 828 142
Mgr. Aleš Merenus, Ph.D.
543 211 868
Mgr. Iva Mikulová, Ph.D.
222 828 204
PhDr. Kateřina Piorecká, Ph.D.
222 828 142
PhDr. Karel Piorecký, Ph.D.
222 828 207
Mgr. Alena Šidáková Fialová, Ph.D.
222 828 142
Mgr. et Mgr. Jitka Šotkovská, Ph.D.
543 211 868
PaedDr. Jiří Zizler, CSc.
222 828 142
Current projects

Art – Gesture – Argument

Main instigator: Kateřina Piorecká
Project team: Marie Brunová, Lukáš Holeček, Klára Kudlová, Martin Lukáš, Iva Mikulová
Year: 2020

The international interdisciplinary project called Art – Gesture – Argument approaches the artistic production during the First Czechoslovak Republic in various disciplines (literature, fine arts, theatre, film, music, etc.) from the perspective that artistic experience and interest are formed collectively. It focuses on the way art shapes public discourse and, conversely, how public debate intervenes in artistic poetics and form.

Publication department