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Versification Research Group

The Versification Research Group brings together practitioners of verse theory across various departments at the institute, including the Theory Department, the Department of Scholarly Editing, and the Department of 19th Century Literature.

The team, established in late 2012, is a continuation of the Versification Research Group from the former Textology Department at the Institute for Czech and World Literature (part of what was then the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences), including Miroslav Červenka, Stanislava Mazáčová, and Milada Chlíbcová, as well as non-department researchers who collaborated with the team, such as Květa Sgallová.

The research activity of the team is carried out in the form of both individual and collective research projects. Output of the primary long-term project of the team is the Corpus of Czech Verse, a database of Czech poetry organised and annotated according to rhythm, metric and strophic form, and consisting to date of around 80,000 poems. The Versification Research Group also collaborates on international research projects with a number of institutions, such as the University of Basel and the Eötvös Loránd University. Detailed information on the activities of the Versification Research Group is available on its own website at https://versologie.cz.

Mgr. Silvie Cinková, Ph.D.
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PhDr. Dalibor Dobiáš, Ph.D.
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PhDr. Robert Kolár, Ph.D.
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Mgr. Petr Plecháč, Ph.D. et Ph.D., DSc.
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Mgr. Jakub Říha, Ph.D.
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Artjoms Šela, Ph.D.
Artjoms Šela, Ph.D.
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