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Electronic information sources

1. National Digital Library – Works Not Available on the Market (NDK – DNNT)

With its collection of ‘Works Not Available on the Market’, the National Digital Library offers full texts of documents published in the Czech Republic. The user can read the following types of documents via remote access:

  • periodicals published before 2011,
  • books published before 2001.

These documents are protected by copyright law (applicable to all up to 70 years after the author’s death) and are not available on the market. This includes a variety of editions that may have been modified or are in electronic format. The full texts of documents that are in the public domain are also accessible through the NDK interface.

It is forbidden to make digital or print copies. A user can access NDK-DNNT services on condition of registration at the library, which receives these services under contract with the National Library of the Czech Republic.

You can log in to the National Digital Library with the library account of any organisation that is a member of the eduID academic identity federation (KnAV, NK ČR, MZK, NTK, etc.) or with an NDK ID account, which the ICL library can help you set up. If you are interested in the NDK ID account, please contact Veronika Zemanová at zemanova@ucl.cas.cz.

Additionally, access to full texts of works in the public domain and works not available on the market is provided by two other libraries: the MZK Digital Library and CAS Digital Library (KnAV). Login is only possible through the library account of an institution included in the eduID federation (KnAV, NK ČR, MZK, NTK, etc.) – and not with an NDK ID account. Easy access to these libraries is provided at the DNNT directory.

While the digital library holdings of the Czech National Library largely overlaps with that of the MZK, the two libraries work independently to expand these holdings as they digitise their collections. This means that some digital sources can be found at both libraries, while others are only available at one or the other.

A user guidde for searching digital libraries is available (Czech version only).

Other digital libraries

You can access a number of digital libraries in the Czech Republic in one place through the directory, or, alternatively, through the Czech Digital Library, which is a national aggregator of digital libraries, allowing direct searches of the digital holdings at all participating libraries.

Unified access to library services is provided by the Knihovny.cz portal, on which an extensive index of foreign licensed databases and freely available electronic books can be searched.

2. Press monitoring archives

It is possible to use library computers to access two media monitoring applications: Anopress and Newton Media.

The on-site library staff can assist you to sign up for these services.

3. Electronic information sources (EIZ)

The following EIZs are available within the computer network on library premises, i.e. from the library computers, but also from visitors’ personal laptops when they are connected to an Eduroam network (‘ucl’ or ‘ucl-host’).

Ebsco: http://search.epnet.com/

EBSCOHost is a unified interface that provides access to selected bibliographic and full-text databases.

Emerald: https://www.emerald.com/insight

Emerald Premier is a multidisciplinary database that provides access to articles in journals published by Emerald. The database covers a wide range of fields.

JSTOR: https://www.jstor.org/

JSTOR is a digital library of professional scholarly journals, books, and primary sources from a wide range of fields, primarily in the humanities and social sciences.

ProQuest: http://search.proquest.com/index

ProQuest is a multidisciplinary database providing access to the full texts of professional scholarly journals, books, dissertations, and other publications. The Ebrary digital library is also accessible through the unified interface.

SCOPUS: http://www.scopus.com/

Scopus is the largest database of abstracts and citations of peer-reviewed literature in the world.

Web of Science (WOS): http://www.webofknowledge.com/

Web of Science is a unified interface for accessing Clarivate Analytics citation and abstract databases.

Comments or questions about electronic information sources can be directed to Veronika Zemanová (zemanova@ucl.cas.cz).