Text a divadlo

Aleš Merenus (ed.), Iva Mikulová (ed.), Jitka Šotkovská (ed.)

The book Text and Theatre is a collective monograph by Slovak and Czech literary and theatre scholars, who have been focused on the relationship between text and theatre – or rather, between literary and theatre communication. The long study titled “Theatre and Text” is an introductory and at once central text of the whole book. It addresses a number of issues and presents an original view of the relationship between text and theatre art as such. Following sections focus on several different topics. The first section, called “Theory of Contemporary Drama/Theatrical Text,” consist of studies that reflect upon contemporary transformations of texts written for the theatre and analyze them with various theoretical tools. The second section of the book is called “Poetics”. It consists of two articles, one of which focuses on the poetics of drama and the other on the poetics of directing. The topical section number three aims at specific phenomena of a given time period that disclose complex transformations of understanding the relationship between theatre and literature. The fourth section consist of studies dealing with a broader intertextual contexts of the relationship between text and theatre, such as in opera and dramatizations of works of fiction. The fifth section is made of three case studies focusing on a particular playwright’s works. The final, sixth section of the collective monograph shifts its focus from playwrights to actors, performers, and singers.

Editors Aleš Merenus,
Iva Mikulová,
Jitka Šotkovská
Title Text a divadlo
Publisher Academia
Year of publication 2020
Page count 412
Format 14,2 × 21,2 cm
ISBN 978-80-200-3108-2