Článková bibliografie časopisu Dialog (1966–1969, 1990–1992)

Jakub Flanderka

Dialog magazine was published in two periods: the first was from April 1966 — August 1969, when publication of the magazine was terminated, the second was 1990–1992, the first year of which it was published as Severočeský Dialog. From the beginning, Dialog was connected with the specific region of (what was then called) the North Bohemia region, or Severočeský kraj. In the years following World War II, this region was closely linked to several phenomena which significantly influenced, or indeed directly determined, its post-war development, and which were taken up as themes in the Dialog of both the 1960s and 1990s: the expulsion of the German population and ‘new’ settlement by (relocation of) people from various parts of Czechoslovakia, the intensive development of the chemical industry and surface mining of brown coal in the North Bohemian Lignite Region, as well as emissions from steam and thermal power plants (including those across the border in East Germany and Poland), which significantly contributed to the problem of air pollution. In the field of culture and the arts, issues of Dialog in the 1960s dealt significantly with (contemporary) experimental tendencies. The second period of the (Severočeský) Dialog naturally dealt with such issues as air pollution and degradation of the environment — issues that had already come to the fore in the 1960s, but which were even more relevant, it can be said, in the later period. In both periods, Dialog magazine covered social, political, and cultural events specific to (and often exceeding) the region of North Bohemia — a fact to which the Dialog article bibliography attests.

Authors Jakub Flanderka
Title Článková bibliografie časopisu Dialog (1966–1969, 1990–1992)
Publisher Ústav pro českou literaturu AV ČR
Year of publication 2022
Page count 338
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