Slezské písně (Kritická hybridní edice)

Petr Bezruč, Jiří  Flaišman (ed.), Michal Kosák (ed.), Kristýna  Merthová (ed.)


The third volume of the Critical Hybrid Edition – The Silesian Songs of Petr Bezruč – brings a newly revised text of this only collection by Bezruč in a book edition and all variants of the poems in a digital scholarly edition. The book edition is based on the text of the Silesian Songs from December 1928. Poems from the Silesian Songs that are not included in the selected basic edition can be found in the commentary. The digital scholarly edition available on the internet contains images and transcripts of all relevant manuscripts found, as well as the text of the journal imprints preceding the inclusion of the poem in the book, and the text of the poems in the book editions of Silesian Songs from the first set (1903) to the last edition in which the author still contributed (1958). The changes in the composition of the collection are captured in a separate overview. The edition also includes a summary of the life and publishing history of Silesian Songs, providing a great deal of documentary pictorial material. The edition is complemented by an editorial commentary focusing primarily on the history of the text. The volume is the second edition (2014) to bring newly acquired readings and scholarly critical editions of the collection after nearly fifty years.

Authors Petr Bezruč
Editors Jiří Flaišman,
Michal Kosák,
Kristýna Merthová
Title Slezské písně (Kritická hybridní edice)
Publisher Nakladatelství Akropolis
Co-Publisher Ústav pro českou literaturu AV ČR, Památník národního písemnictví
Year of publication 2022
Page count 184
Format 17 × 24 cm
ISBN 978-80-7658-043-5