Variace na hlásku m

Veronika Košnarová

The book is not intentionally homogeneous with regard to methodology or genre. The changing emphases and perspectives of interpretation are identifiable with essayistic hermeneutic interpretation, close reading, contemporary comparative or intermedia readings. Stylistic pluralism is stemming from the very nature of the interpreted texts: the plurality of possibilities of their reading appears as their key constitutive property. For that reason, the interpretation offers various frames of reference, with special attention paid to its links to the plastic arts.


Authors Veronika Košnarová
Title Variace na hlásku m
Subtitle Úvahy nad texty Věry Linhartové
Publisher Torst
Year of publication 2019
Page count 312
Format 16,5 × 20,5 cm
ISBN 978-80-7215-586-6