Oborová analytická bibliografie: Metodika zpracování

Vojtěch Malínek

The presented publication fixes the general methodological basis of the framework for the specialized analytical bibliography processing. It is based on more than seventy years lasting experience of the Czech literary bibliography. The first part is dedicated to individual problem areas related to the processing of the specialzed bibliography: from the definition of the excerption scope to the typology of processed documents and the analysis of the technique of creation a specific bibliographic record to activities related to their editing in the database form. The second part focuses on the preparation of specialized bibliographies.



Authors Vojtěch Malínek
Title Oborová analytická bibliografie: Metodika zpracování
Publisher Ústav pro českou literaturu AV ČR
Year of publication 2020
Page count 198
Format 14,2 × 20,8 cm
Edition Bibliographica Edition
ISBN 978-80-7658-007-7