Arnošt Kraus (1859-1943). Wissenschaftler und Kulturpolitiker

Helena Březinová (ed.), Steffen Höhne (ed.), Václav Petrbok (ed.)

The literary scholar, cultural mediator and journalist Arnošt Vilém (Ernst Wilhelm) Kraus (1859-1943) dealt in a variety of ways with the social and societal contexts in the Bohemian countries, which were shaped by the intercultural composition of their population. As a Scandinavian and Germanist, Kraus not only resorted to the German-Czech comparison, but also expanded his perspective to include the Scandinavian perspective, which was accessible to him due to his academic training. The committed intellectual always saw his work beyond science as a cultural and political task. The edited conference proceedings sum up for the first time his comprehensive and professional interests as well as journalistic activities in a broader historical context and supplement them with articles on his biography, bibliography, and his cultural mediation activities as well.

Editors Helena Březinová,
Steffen Höhne,
Václav Petrbok
Title Arnošt Kraus (1859-1943). Wissenschaftler und Kulturpolitiker
Publisher Böhlau Verlag
Year of publication 2021
Page count 321
ISBN ISBN: 978-3-412-52144-8