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Tackling the Toolkit: Plotting Poetry through Computational Literary Studies was published in open access format

A collection of twelve papers based on a quantitative methodology and primarily dealing with versological issues was prepared by Petr Plecháč, Robert Kolár, Anne-Sophie Bories and Jakub Říha.

Tackling the Toolkit

The papers were originally intended for a conference which could not be held due to the pandemic.

In 2020, the Institute of Czech Literature was to host the international versological conference Plotting Poetry IV. Its aim was to follow up on the successful conference Quantitative Approaches to Versification (ICL, 2019).

Even though the conference could not be held, due to the pandemic, contributions can now be found in the proceedings Tackling the Toolkit: Plotting Poetry through Computational Literary Studies, recently published by the ICL.

All papers are in English, available in digital open access format (printed versions will follow), and deal with current methods in the field, both in general application and with regard to various specific materials, from the Greek hexameter to Erben’s Bouquet of Finnish Folklore.

Download the proceedings