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Lecture by the American medievalist David Wallace

We cordially invite Prof. David Wallace (University of Pennsylvania) to the online event Trajectories and Structures in Medieval Bohemian Literature, which will take place Tuesday, 8.3.2022, starting at 5pm.


Prof. David Wallace is an American medievalist and author of Europe: A Literary History 1348–1418 (2016), and other scholarly works. His research interests include Europe, the nation, and literary history as such, with a focus on the study of functional relationships between stability and dynamics, synchrony and diachronicity, as demonstrated by his organisation of his work Europe, on the basis of nine trajectories connecting cultural centres within the continent and its immediate vicinity.

We will discuss the possibilities of a ‘cognitive’ relabeling of literary history, especially medieval literature in Central Europe.

The lecture and discussion will be in English.

The lecture is part of the Literary Science Forum series, which, during the summer semester, will be focusing on reading and writing literary history.

Join the discussion at meet.google.com/ivq-qkws-hjp.

The lecture will be live broadcast on the ICL’s YouTube channel, where a recording will also be available.